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Bognor Regis Beach


A playground fit for the harsh environment and fitting for the local landscape

In Bognor Regis, one of England’s most traditional seaside towns, they wanted a playground that fit into the local landscape. Today, KOMPAN’s dolphin springer, shark seesaw and a play ship have moved into the playground, along with ground decorations such as crabs, fish, and an octopus to set the stage for a beach playground just feet away from the sea. 

From day one, the facilities were really popular with the locals and have already had a commercial impact on the town. The turnover in the coffee shop next door has tripled and the beach playground, as an attraction, gives young families an extra reason to visit Bognor. By filling the Esplanade with the sound of happy children, it’s a nice way to attract residents by boosting civic pride and contributing to the local tourism economy.

The playground is right on the seafront where the sea breeze, salt water and sand can be harsh on everything, including play equipment. To extend the durability of the beach playground, it has been built with robinia wood, a fine-grained, strong and very durable material.

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The playground really gives another reason to visit Bognor Regis.

Oliver Hansen, Environmental Services and Strategy Manager - Arun District Council

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Creativity and thrills

At the ‘Oasis Sand House with Desk and Crane’, children can play with sand, a natural feature missing from many South Coast beaches, including Bognor. Working with the movable crane supports children’s creativity, just as communication and cooperation skills are developed when working together to fill the bucket and lift it up with the crane. Children looking for action can take a thrilling glide at the ‘Track Ride Tower’. At the end of the glide, some users will be able to flip their legs up and push themselves back to the platform. This trains leg and core muscles, as well as proprioception and timing, which are all important abilities in sports and life, when navigating the surroundings securely.