Inspirational Solutions

Are you wondering how to design your playground? What equipment to include, and how to combine it? We offer more than thousand products, all with different material, colour, functionality or purpose, so the options are many. And there are many things to consider, when designing a playground, but we would like to assist you.

To help you quickly get started with your design process, we suggest below solutions as inspiration. Different inspirational designs are presented to cover different settings, themes, play activities, mixed-age play, age-appropriate play, zoned play, sport and fitness activities.

You can use the solution designs as pure inspiration or as a starting point for your design – products can easily be added or removed to fit your location and needs.

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Train and Play

For children, exercising means playing while being physical active. They improve their muscle strength when climbing on the Bloqx, develop a good balance when spinning in the Galaxy structure and train their core when skating on the Single Miram. Kids simply develop their physical skills and interest for fitness through play. The combination of play and fitness equipment allows children to live a healthy and active life throughout their whole childhood and become active adults. Let’s play

Inspire me

Traffic School

Space Travel

Schoolyard Multi Use Games Area

Fairy Tales

Toddlers Paradise

Pirate Bay

Sports Centre

Robinia Castle

Preschool Favourite

Kingdom and castle

Seven Seas

African Safari

Gold Rush

Schoolyard magnet

Active Destination Area

Physical Challenge

Robinia Village

Active Boardwalk

Wild Jungle

Urban Jungle