Toddler Multiplay

A micro world of colour

For the first half year of its life, the world to a baby is in black and white – after that it’s colour all the way. Colour is a silent language, and the primaries of red, blue, green and yellow, talk loudest helping to clearly distinguish shapes.

A toddlers’ development shouts out for big bright colours. It is a call that is answered in KOMPAN’s Toddler Multiplay where colour meets a wonderful world of interesting shapes. It is an introduction to play and playmates built around climbing and sliding through objects of comfortably sized familiarity, like a house and a garden. Elevated playhouses serve as both a physical challenge and a place to chat or hide away.

The galvanised posts that securely hold the panels, hammocks and rope structures, are the easiest way to expand the playground. They also allow for flexibility with the play features able to create interesting eye-to-eye opportunities and free communication for the toddlers.

For toddlers, the Multiplay™ range is an invitation to play, but more so an introduction to the skills of life. Creative play helps build language and communication skills, as well as encouraging and improving teamwork. When kids play, they develop games realising that they have to work together to get the most out of them. Through fun children develop skills that will help them throughout their entire lives.

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How independent are toddlers when in a playground?

Play is a character builder. KOMPAN’s Toddler Multiplay recognizes how important it is to coax social skills out of a young developing mind. Open design lets both children and accompanying adults enjoy a sense of security whilst encouraging toddlers to play side-by-side. A toddler’s understanding of language expands from just a handful of words to between 500 and 900 when aged three.

What kind of base can a toddlers’ playground be on?

As long as it has some degree of ‘give’ it can be on anything, sand, wood chips or grass. There is even an option for Flexotop™, but the safety rubber surface is perhaps unnecessary since the features are low. Falling over or calculatedly sitting down is a part of a Toddler’s life and growing process.

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