Robinia Village

Small play features with big opportunities

The charm of the Robinia Village is in the scale of both size and choice. The village may be small and for small people, but it is full of variation and character. Built around simple themes like a Forest Shop or the tantalizingly menacing Wizards Hideaway, the Robinia wood is put to good use in creating inviting play spaces. 

Even by installing just a couple of elements, the village invites a community atmosphere where young children learn to communicate, developing language skills and an understanding of sharing, as well as the need to make decisions as they negotiate bridges and spider nets. It also introduces a sense of dare with the bannister bars and Track Ride Tower transforming toddlers into youngsters.

The Robinia Village presents a multitude of options. Tempting names like the Witch’s Tower, the Spider’s Cottage and the Tower Fortress, can be connected by a variety of bridges, each bringing a new sense of trill and daring to the young playmates. The Robinia wood through its unique grain and natural shapes gives the whole playground a warm, friendly feeling.

The Robinia tree is a triumph of nature. As a tree, at every level it performs. It grows in poor soils, it feeds nitrogen into the earth encouraging other plants, it flowers to be the source of Acadia honey, its leaves breathe out Co2. It adapts well in urban areas, gracing many boulevards and streets. When cut as timber, the stump regenerates and grows back quickly. It is highly sustainable. The timber is fine-grained, strong and durable - the perfect material for play features. 

Another plus aspect that displays itself with Robinia is that it dictates how it is used. Each piece is unique, bringing a degree of individuality to village play. 

How do we get started? 

Finding the right products from the extensive range is the starting point. We encourage you to click and to be inspired by the amazing playgrounds we have installed around the world. Our very competent and experienced support team can then help you translate your wish list into your unique outdoor solution. Feel free to contact us and ask all your questions or to receive a quote.

How are the products shipped an installed?

Once fully assembled and approved at the factory the products are disassembled into larger modules and shipped to the site to be re-assembled with help from lifting machinery.

How do we ensure to maintain the nice colours and wooden glow?

KOMPAN offers programmes at different levels to assist customers with playground maintenance.

Can the combinations be designed in more accessible versions?

KOMPAN offers a ramp system that can be tailored to any solution requested. A ramp provides access to elevated activities for children of all abilities and it provides an enlarged number of ground-level accessible play activities.

Need advice?

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