Robinia Obstacle courses

Workout challenge with lifetime payback 

Playgrounds offer essential opportunities for a child’s physical, cognitive and social development. Obstacle courses turn the point of development inwards, focusing on personal agility, responsiveness and equilibrium. Developing the inner balance to be able to automatically respond to constant changes in your footing and body position, is amongst the most vital of motor skills. Basically, through play, dexterities are furtively gained that will hopefully ease the road through life for as long as possible.

The obstacle course triggers competitiveness and a sense of achievement and the range is all prefixed by the name agility – that’s exactly what it is about. The range of physical tasks on the trails, would be familiar to anyone who has worked out in a gym, more so to military cadets, but to the young it’s a tasty introduction into flexing every muscle with challenges that are irresistible fun.

Obstacle courses should not be set up just to look good – naturally they should attract users, but a good obstacle course is built around variation of movement so that muscles get pushed to the limit in rotation. At the end of the routine arms, legs and bodies should know that they have been set a challenge. Robinia obstacle courses are open to huge adaptation through add-ons and can have additional challenges just in the type of base used. Sand is safe and tiring to run on, whilst a Flexotop™ surface can create, using colour, running tracks to lead the children back and be able to start over. 

The Robinia tree is a triumph of nature. As a tree, at every level it performs. It grows in poor soils, it feeds nitrogen into the earth encouraging other plants, it flowers to be the source of Acadia honey, its leaves breathe out Co2. It adapts well in urban areas, gracing many boulevards and streets. When cut as timber, the stump regenerates and grows back quickly. It is highly sustainable. The timber is fine-grained, strong and durable - the perfect material for play features. 

How do we get started? 

Finding the right products from the extensive range is the starting point. We encourage you to click and to be inspired by the amazing playgrounds we have installed around the world. Our very competent and experienced support team can then help you translate your wish list into your unique outdoor solution. Feel free to contact us and ask all your questions or to receive a quote.

What makes a good obstacle course?

The simple answer is variation. Place the different activities so it varies from easy to hard, slow to fast, all with a clear starting and most important, ending point.

Are the standard designs fixed in the layout?

The products can adapt to desired curves, lines or landscaping at the individual site. KOMPAN will guide this during the sales process.

What type of rope is used in the obstacle courses?

KOMPAN uses a special ‘Hercules’-type of rope with galvanized six-stranded steel wires. Each strand is tightly wrapped with PES yarn, which is melted onto each individual strand. The ropes are highly wear-and vandalism-resistant and can be replaced on site if needed.

Need advice?

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