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The happiest toddlers are those stimulated by age-appropriate challenges. The trip to the playground is the centre of their full yet uncomplicated lives. Here the big friendly shapes introduce them to the world of nature, exotic wildlife and day-to-day normality. They are not overawed or confused by size, the caterpillar is disproportionate to the giraffe and elephant, but that doesn’t matter, they are safe, tactile and fun. The cars and houses are recognisable too, but so much more inviting than the real thing. Their moveable features getting tiny hands in motion, inspiring young brains, kick starting friendships. 

KOMPAN’s toddler equipment is the first step in their life-long journey. The first step in your journey to help them along their way is to click on a product below.

The Toddler Equipment encourages agility through opportunities to climb both inside and outside the structures. It’s climb on, climb in, climb through fun. Through all this motor skills and self-assurance are greatly enhanced. When kids play, they develop games realising that they have to work together to get the most out of them. Through fun children develop skills that will help them throughout their entire lives.

For the first half year of its life, the world to a baby is in black and white – after that it’s colour all the way. Colour is a silent language, and the primaries of red, blue, green and yellow, talk loudest helping to clearly distinguish shapes.

A toddlers’ development shouts out for big bright colours. It is a call that is answered in all of KOMPAN’s toddler focused ranges. Here is where the toddler meets a wonderful world of colour-dominated interesting shapes. It is an introduction to play and playmates built around climbing and sliding through objects of comfortably sized familiarity, like a house and a garden or to mimic car journey’s but this time from the front seat holding on to the wheel.

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Pretty on day one, but do they fade and rust away?

Built of panels and roofs with maximum UV stabilization the vitality of colours is sustained for a lifetime of play, as are the galvanized power coated support posts. There’s a 10-year spare parts guarantee. 

If a playground lasts a lifetime, can it become boring?

One thing changes with a playground during its life - there are always waves upon waves of new users. However, the panel nature of the construction means that ELEMENTS playgrounds can be easily and economically ‘refreshed.’

What is the design concept that created Toddler Stations? 

Targeting the development level and needs of the child is vital. It is age-appropriate in terms of taking play up to, but never beyond, what is achievable, what experts label as ‘keeping the child in the flow.’ The physical design is comforting with curves not edges and surfaces welcoming and tactile.

Why is colour so important?

Each colour tells us a different story. Red is a warning, blue openness and yellow a comfort – the colours talk to us right through our lives. TV stations have the Green Room for guests to await their performance because green is the most relaxing of colours. Buy a new car and someone will ask, ‘what colour?’ To children the strong primary colours help define shapes. From about six months on, when a baby gains colour vision, the soft introduction of nursey pastels gives way to bold, statement-making reds, greens yellows and blues. Tom Lindhardt the artist whose observation of children at play lead to the establishment of KOMPAN, tended to shy away from green believing that in the playgrounds of the Seventies, grass was a common factor. Today at KOMPAN the Flexotop™ surface is an invitation to add another level of colour, and through design, play possibilities.

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