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Schoolyard Magnet

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WOW: The bell rings and within minutes the schoolyard is packed with children looking to burn energy between lessons. The large two-tower play structure invites children to come and slide, climb and get a full view of the schoolyard. The dynamic play equipment gives children the important dizzying feeling that comes from spinning and swinging.

STAY: The Schoolyard magnet offers numerous play activities, allowing many children to play together simultaneously – and at an age-appropriate level. Children can take on the physical challenge of mounting the tower or go for a quiet time on the bird’s nest swing with a friend.

DEVELOP: Swinging and spinning are two of children’s absolute favourites. It is not only fun, it is also hugely important activities for the child’s development. Swinging and spinning trains the child’s sense of balance and spatial awareness – ultimately helping the child learn to read and concentrate. The large play equipment trains the child’s motor skills and body strength.

Movimiento: motricidad, musculatura, cardio y densidad ósea
Aprendizaje: curiosidad, comprensión de las relaciones causales y conocimiento del mundo.
Comunidad: trabajo en equipo, tolerancia y sentido de pertenencia.
Creación: co-creación y experimentación con materiales

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