About Corocord

As the Spacenet inventors and pioneers of the rope play industry, Corocord have been the globally leading and recognised specialists in unique rope constructions with high play value for more than 45 years.

The journey began in Berlin in the 1970s, when Berlin architect Conrad Roland developed the Corocord Play Spacenet – a true invention based on a patented rope net structure accessible from all four sides, offering great three-dimensional play value for numerous children at the same time. From idea through complete concept to the perfect and handcrafted realisation, the creative Corocord team has invented and designed innovative play solutions for various age spans and user groups over the years.

Today Corocord solutions stand as expressive architectural sculptures and magic attractions at playgrounds all over the world. The transparent appearance of the play nets makes them fit into any environment, with an aesthetically pleasing design. Often described as true landmarks or even great pieces of modern art. The net structures can hold numerous children at the same time and open up endless options for interaction and play activities, like climbing, swinging, sliding, jumping, bouncing and balancing. Corocord engineers have paid special attention to the ergonomics and safety, so parents can rely on that climbing in Corocord nets are superior in developing physical activity in a safe play solution.


Additionally, the nets use special rope constructions, tempered by a process developed by Corocord:

The polyester ‘wrapping’ is inductively melted onto each strand individually, so that after initial friction has removed the surface fibres, a harder polyester coating remains to protect each strand. Tempered Corocord ropes offer exceptional dura bility and a pleasant hand grip, and are used exclusively for rope nets produced by Corocord.

Whether you want a Jellyfish Tower in a sunny park, the wild Net Twister in a children’s adventure playground or the dainty Dream Catcher in a green meadow, we, the Spacenet inventors at Corocord, develop unique play ideas for projects around the world. We have included the most beautiful, playful products and solutions for your review.

The longest experience

Four decades of learning and experience is built into Corocord play structures. We are passionate about design and quality, which makes us go into tiny details to give our customers the best products and solutions.

Feedback from experts in childcare and education, landscape architects and engaged people working for communities is proactively gathered in order to foster our product innovation. We are continuously committed to creating healthier and happier communities!




Since the Spacenet, our first unique invention, we have for decades developed entirely new and innovative solutions to the world of play: The Skywalk, the curly Loops and the fabulous Domes, or Parkour and our Agility concept are just some examples of our ability to innovate and offer new ways to play. We provide customers and children all over the world with original design, quality and benefits of genuine Corocord products.



Children’s wellbeing is the ultimate goal. It is our mission to supply excellent play equipment which stimulates their mind, body and soul. Children need room for imagination and challenges to grow and develop. Climbing a Corocord structure offers a unique three-dimensional play experience, and is an infinite resource to explore frontiers with friends in a playful way.



Including all users takes scaling for all. The transparency of Corocord enables people of all ages and abilities to communicate and visually interact – across heights and distances. From the grip diameter of ropes to the entry point of access, every detail is universally designed to support the ergonomics of the widest possible range of users. We cherish the KOMPAN philosophy: In an inclusive playground everyone can play together or play with something.



The ISO 9001 certification approves the highest level of quality. We follow permanent internal safety routines according to EN1176 (Europe), AS (Australia), ASTM and CSA (North America), supervised by acknowledged safety institutes such as TÜV and IPEMA. For optimal safety, all standard Corocord products in this webpage have a TÜV certificate. Critical parts are always made of highly reliable steel. Huge rope net structures are equipped with safety features providing double and triple safety.



Many products from other suppliers come and go, while Corocord rope structures remain. Some say our structures are getting even better over time. Based on top quality and durability we offer market-leading warranties, and lifelong service and support – whenever needed. Count on us!

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