Torre Doble Angular con Túnel

The Angled Double Tower attracts toddlers over and over. Thanks to its richness of responsive ground level activities, there is variation in play for all. The music panel is a hit, stimulating toddlers' social interaction as well as their logical thinking and creativity. The play panels under the wide house make up a shop theme, with rubber saloon doors and a multitude of tactile play which spur role play. Role play trains language and negotiation skills. The tunnel support climbing, crawling and cross-coordination. This stimulates cross-modal perception, important e.g. for reading. The bubble window in the tunnel bridge distorts voices when spoken into, evoking a sense of wonder and training logical thinking. From the platforms, a fun slide or a rotating curly climber give the child a thrilling ride back to ground level. Apart from all the fun, play here trains fundamental life skills.