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Classic Robinia Playground Swings

Swinging - a natural joy

The harmonic and classic design of our Robinia wooden swing frames attract attention and while swings are a playground favourite, they are perhaps even more so in natural play spaces. 

Children love swinging as it can be done individually and together! Robinia wooden swings and swing sets combines that joy and adds the possibility of different body positions and group sizes with the combination of single swing seats and shell or nest swing seats. 

Swinging in a stable, solid framework increases the feeling of security and thus increases the force, concentration and energy that the child dare put into swinging. The more stable, the more play intensity. So, children will come back to enjoy the archaic experience of swinging, again and again, benefiting their development of balance and coordination.

A variety of seats are available and can be combined in our wooden Robinia Classic Swing frames. Some allow for standing, sitting, lying and jumping off. All these activities support the development of arm, leg and core muscles and building bone density – the majority of which is built up during the first years of life.

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The Bird Nest Swing is a favourite piece of play equipment, children love it! The swing with nest seat can fit multiple users at once, making it a very sociable and fun experience, as well as teaching children to take it in turns and cooperate, the seat can also be used individually for a more relaxing swing. The seat caters for all abilities and most ages meaning swinging can be a common experience. Swinging train children's ABC: agility, balance and coordination, as well as their spatial awareness. 

How to create natural outdoor wooden play spaces? 

Finding the right products from our extensive Robinia wooden range is a way to get started. We urge you to take a look and find inspiration in the many awesome natural playgrounds we have installed around the world. Our competent support teams are ready to help you transform your wishes into a unique natural play space. Please get in touch and feel free to ask all your questions and to get a quotation.