Inclusive and accessible outdoor gym

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Inclusive and accessible outdoor gym

For an outdoor gym to be used, it should be useful and welcoming for all. This is achieved by reducing barriers and including a variety of exercise opportunities for as many types of users as possible - disabilities or not.   

KOMPAN's inclusive fitness equipment is designed to accommodate users of all abilities. The outdoor fitness equipment can be accessed from a wheelchair or even used directly from a wheelchair.

The bright colours create contrast for users with visual impairment and help guide them in their movement for a safe and effective workout. 


Training together

Every time we make a survey among people with disabilities, they always answer the same - they prefer to train in the same environment as others and not in a separate area. In that respect outdoor fitness can be a great equaliser because of the open space and huge amount of different exercise options.

Getting out of the chair

Handles that work for everybody

Designed for the user - together with the users

When designing our inclusive outdoor fitness equipment, our fitness experts in the KOMPAN Fitness Institute make sure to involve the user in every step of the design process.

We conduct workshops and have the users test our ideas, prototypes and final products. Whatever feedback we get, we make sure to use it actively in our product development. 

Hear from the users
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How to design an inclusive outdoor fitness site

This site is created based on the principles of universal design. The site works equally well for disabled, seniors, untrained and fit people. Not every item can be used by anyone, but anyone can find items that are useful for them. 

  • Strength machines that can be used directly from a wheelchair

  • Strength machines with easy transfer from a wheelchair

  • Functional training directly from a wheelchair or from the ground

  • Exercise items with support

  • Different types of cardio

  • Easy access, instructions, and rest options

  • Use of bright colours and colour-coded zones

  • A considered balance between openness and feeling safety

Inclusive fitness circle

This solution is an inclusive circle with 10 stations. The fitness equipment on the yellow circles can be utilised directly from a wheelchair. The other items have easy transfer and are very easy to use for people with reduced balance or sensory impairments.  

  • All items are easily accessible for people with a wide variety of impairments.

  • Every second station can be used directly from a wheelchair. Highlighted with a separate colour.

  • Some items have dual functionality, providing exercise for both mobility impaired and non-impaired users. 

  • The city bike with a low entry height is one of the easiest items to use for most people.

  • The arm bike works great from a wheelchair, from the seat or from a standing position. 

  • The timer in combination with surface patterns creates many interval training scenarios - also for wheelchair users.  

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The research behind KOMPAN inclusive fitness

Creating truly inclusive outdoor fitness spaces is all about removing the barriers and providing equal opportunities for people of all abilities.

Inclusion in outdoor fitness is about creating training spaces that are useful and welcoming to everybody. This is achieved by reducing barriers and including a variety of exercise opportunities so that there will be a relevant use scenario for the widest possible extent of users – disabilities or not.

Morten Zacho, Head of KOMPAN Fitness Institute


Arm Bike

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How research supports our fitness development

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