Designing unique playgrounds that match your story and your scene

Webinar details


November 16, 2022

Time (CET)

6am, 10am and 7pm


45 minutes




Design Studio

Webinar description

Hear about the possibilities to develop a completely unique playground that fits the story of your area and takes the scene or is part of the scene at your environment. KOMPAN Design Studio are able to shape the forms and expressions that you want and we can built and install it for you. So in this webinar we share inspiration from things we have designed and built for architects, landscape architects, and for customers. In the webinar we also share the newest trends and technologies in order for you to know how we can help you design unique playgrounds

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Presented by

Sophie Lambert

Sophie has a background within civil engineering and is specialized in product development. Sophie is one of the creative minds behind the playful design of the KOMPAN GIANTS. She aims to create playful designs for themed and customized playgrounds, which make a statement. The children love her playful and imaginative designs.

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