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Robinia Castle

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WOW: The Robinia Castle universe consists of an impressive castle and a surrounding moat that can only be crossed by the bridge, the line, the balance beam, the water lilies or the island of the spinner plate. Nearby is the mountain, the Tree Climber, where the dragon lives. The attackers of the castle can use the swing set and the seesaw as stone throwers. The Robinia Castle fits into parks and schools or brings nature into the city.

STAY: The Robinia Castle draws children’s curiosity and interest in adventure. They can be a soldier whose sole purpose is to defend the crown on the castle, be the knight on the horse who fights the dragon up on the mountain (the Tree Climber) or be the vicious attacker of the foreign castle attempting to cross the moat.

DEVELOP: The physical play of rocking, riding, spinning, balancing, climbing, sliding and swinging develop the children’s balance, coordination and agility. Dramatic play in the themed play scenarios develops the children’s social skills and stimulates language development.

Let's Play

Movimiento: motricidad, musculatura, cardio y densidad ósea
Comunidad: trabajo en equipo, tolerancia y sentido de pertenencia.
Aprendizaje: curiosidad, comprensión de las relaciones causales y conocimiento del mundo.

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