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King's Kindergarten

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King's Kindergarten


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Unique playground for a modern learning environment

The bear design was chosen for its symbolic value of being cute and gentle. It welcomes the children daily with endless play options and challenges their skills and courage with various ways of getting to the top.

The 2000 m2 kindergarten is designed together with Manfred Yuen from GROUNDWORK architecture. And the 6-metre-tall bear is chosen in Robinia wood as it harmonises with the design concept of the building.

Robinia-Bear2 1500x1000
There is a little kid hiding in everyone’s heart and they want to climb and play freely. KOMPAN Robbi bear makes it possible for kids living in the urban environment to get the chance to play and laugh as a kid. In addition, kids develop a variety of abilities while playing.

Chengxiang Zhuang, School Manager

Robinia-Bear1 1500x1000
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