KOMPAN Design Awards

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KOMPAN good design awards
With good designs come design awards.

Good Design Award Winner 2022

Low Carbon Playgrounds

The Good Design Awards jury said:

“A thoughtful, innovative, and sustainable solution reducing exposure for children and the environment.”

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Good Design Award Winner 2022

Outdoor strength training

The Good Design Awards Jury said:

“Durable outdoor strength training machines for all ages and abilities that feature user-friendly interaction points and a strong focus on ergonomics. We hope to see more of these in our public spaces!”

Equipamientos de fitness al aire libre, una mujer utilizando una máquina de fuerza al aire libre

Good Design Award Winner 2021

Adjustable cardio equipment

The cardio family is designed to give users of all ages, physiques, and fitness levels a cardiovascular training that keeps their heart rate above the needed 65% of their maximum heart rate. The intelligent system automatically adapts the workout to the pace set by the user, ensuring that the user gets the proper resistance.

KPI Research outdoor Cross Trainer

Good Design Award Winner 2017

Cross Training

The product range, Cross Systems, is appreciated by participants and designers alike, winning the Good Design Award in Australia in 2017 as well as the European Product Design Award.

Outdoor fitness site with cross training system in France

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