Torre Triple con Redes

This attractive triple tower unit will inspire young children to play actively, using their muscles to climb to the top, navigate the net, and slide or glide to the ground and then loop around to start again. The nets and the climbing wall provide age-appropriate training of the leg muscles and helps to develop cross-coordination skills. This supports physical as well as intellectual development. The carefully designed playhouses offer a feeling of being up high. The U-net provides a swaying, climbing opportunity for all. It can be used to get from one play tower to the next or can be used as a rest point hammock. The net takes cross-coordination skills, that enhance children's abilities to use both sides of their brain. With space for several children to play cooperatively, the structure supports social skills. The double slide invites cooperation. The slides and the fireman's pole support posture and balance, all important skills for young children as they grow.