World’s 50 Coolest Places includes two KOMPAN Playgrounds

TIME Magazine’s youth division, TIME for Kids, has named the 50 Coolest Places in the world. The eclectic list which was compiled by young readers, includes Notre Dame Cathedral, the Apollo Space Center and two KOMPAN playgrounds. The credentials for being considered were based on quality, originality, sustainability, accessibility and, most of all, fun.

Artists at Play in Seattle, Washington

Nestled beside two of Seattle’s most iconic structures, the Space Needle and the Museum of Pop Culture, the playground was designed to blend in and complement visually, and to the ear.

In cooperation with KOMPAN and local partners Highwire, the Artists at Play creative group who introduce music into play, used the Corocord Sky Walk and the Spacenet as the dominant features when converting an area of bare asphalt into an interactive playground.

See description at TIME Magazine's website

The Gathering Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Gathering Place is a massive 100 acre park built from the vision to transform the city starting with an inclusive and natural space. Apart from making the world’s coolest list, the park was also named in the top ten of new attractions by the readers of USA Today.

KOMPAN’s contribution includes the Sky cabins and another thrilling COROCORD Sky Walk. From high above the trees adventurers of all ages get a birds-eye view of the park and over the Arkansas River.

See description at TIME Magazine's website


Brought to life by KOMPAN Design Studio

The Design Studio is where customer’s ideas and whims are realized. Working with ever-changing and innovative features, the design team create playground centerpieces that reflect the environment they are set in. They turn adventure into an art form, challenges into play.



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