for choosing FLEXOTOP™ ECO surfacing:

  • Unique and creative design possibilities using 2D and 3D graphics and a wide range of colours and blends. Designers can let their imaginations run wild in order to support and enhance play themes and functions. 
  • Wheelchair friendly and comfortable to walk on. 
  • The best impact surface in terms of shock absorption with high durability and free from hazardous components.
  • Porous, with good drainage, dust free properties, slip resistance, elasticity and hard wearing. A uniform surface with no joints or seams.
  • Noise reducing.
  • Highly resistant to UV and usable in all-weather conditions.
  • Very low maintenance costs, long-lasting and eco-friendly.
  • Surfaces can be repaired and refurbished, if damaged.
  • Good performance under flame test of construction materials.
  • Tested and certified under EN-1177:2018, BS-7188:1988+A2:2009 & many other relevant tests.
for choosing FLEXOTOP™ ECO surfacing: