10 Advantages of an Outdoor Stationary Bike

Bicycle vs. outdoor stationary bike

So you’ve made the decision. You are going to get fit.

The bike is out of the shed, oiled and ready. After a couple of kilometers you come across a KOMPAN outdoor fitness area with a stationary exercise bike standing unoccupied.

Do you cycle on, or do you switch bikes?

The choice is from one with near limitless destinations to one with one aim, to get you fit.

The two bikes, the road and fitness, are second cousins, related in concept, different in design and purpose. They are not rivals, they are complimentary alternatives.

Bicycle vs. outdoor stationary bike

Ten advantages of exercising on an outdoor stationary bike

1. There are no limits caused by traffic, wind and terrain.

2. You get a more efficient workout because the exercise intensity at all times is controlled by you.

3. There is a choice between individually tailored exercise programs or digital classes.

4. ‘Onboard’ entertainment, videos, music, games and news streaming makes the time fly by.

5. It’s safer, no vehicle has ever collided with a fitness bike.

6. There’s no need for protective equipment like a helmet or jacket, train as you see fit.

7. Supplementary equipment on site enables variety and greater all-round fitness.

8. No investment or membership fees, in a public space it is as free as the air you breathe.

9. You won’t fall off - no matter what speed you go at, balance is not an issue.

10. The only pumping you do is your legs - you won’t need a puncture repair kit.




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