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FLEXOTOP™ ECO is made in situ from two layers of cast rubber that are laid on top of each other. The bottom layer, the base, provides the shock-absorbance. The thickness of this layer is adapted to the critical fall height (CFH) required for playgrounds or fitness areas. The top layer is approximately 10-15 mm thick and protects the shock absorbent base from wear and tear. This is where different colours are used to create a wide variety of graphic features.



The base consists of 100% recycled rubber, mainly from automotive source. Material is PAH free according to REACH. All rubber is thoroughly cleaned to remove any brake residue or other textile contaminants, before being processed. The material component of this layer is called FLEXOBASE and the granule size is about 2-6 mm. This layer is bound with a polyurethane resin.



The top layer consists of specially made Premium EPDM granules. Virgin polymer content is over 21 % and more than 24 bold colours and several blends are available. This layer is also bound with a polyurethane resin. To finish we use a granule size of 1-3,5 mm. This granule size gives the surface an excellent visual effect.


Download FLEXOTOP™ ECO technical specification sheet

Download FLEXOTOP™ ECO EDGE type specification sheet



When installing playground equipment, the total thickness of the surfacing must meet the Critical Fall Height requirements. At KOMPAN, safety is paramount, we always surpass those requirements. 

FLEXOTOP™ ECO is tested accordingly to EN1177:2018 & EN1176:2017 by TÜV. 

and other specifications



FLEXOTOP™ ECO may be installed on both bound and unbound sub-bases. However, specific requirements apply in both cases to avoid drainage problems or permanent deformation.

The requirements for the various sub-base types that may be used are detailed in the FLEXOTOP™ ECO sub-base specification sheet. Please click to download. 

For top layer only applications the sub-base must be concrete or asphalt.


Download FLEXOTOP™ ECO Sub-base specification sheet

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