A first circular playground

KOMPAN's first circular playground is built on global sustainability goals and a circular economy.

The birth of a Circular Playground

A circular playground built on global UN sustainability goals and a circular economy

The circular playground is partially made of ocean waste and recycled plastic from hospitals in the region of Mid-Jutland in Denmark. 

The playground is made of textile waste, post-consumer recycled plastic bags and ocean waste. 


How this playground is green

Green 1.jpg

Ocean Green (dark teal) panels are made of 100% post-consumer ocean recycled waste.

Green 5.jpg

Rotomolded components are made of 25% post-consumer ocean recycled waste. 

Green 4.jpg

Panels in lime green are made of 100% post-consumer material in the core from food-packaging waste.

Green 6.jpg

On this playground the Flexotop surfacing is made of 20% sneaker grind and 80% post-industrial recycled EPDM.

Green 3.jpg

TexMade™ posts are made in 100% post-consumer recycled textile and plastic waste.

Green 2.jpg

Decks of play systems and dark teal GreenLine BLOQX™ panels are made in 75% post-consumer ocean recycled waste.

We have achieved a lot by creating a sustainable playground that is just as fun as the playgrounds have always been in KOMPAN. But we don't stop here, our journey continues... 

Connie Astrup-Larsen