How green is green?

A global 2021 review conducted by The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found that 40% of green claims made by companies online could be misleading consumers. 

At KOMPAN we document all our green claims to prevent making false green claims and to provide full transparency for our customers. 

How green is green?

Our carbon emission calculations are verified by Bureau Veritas

At KOMPAN we don’t just claim we are green. We want to validate our claims with a third party to be as open and transparent as possible about our green initiatives. Therefore, we have worked with Bureau Veritas, the organization behind the global ISO certifications, to verify our calculations of recycling and carbon emission.


Picture: all KOMPAN products come with an individual footprint that provides a full overview of the product's green profile. 

Get an entire green playground verified by Bureau Veritas

Our GreenLine product range is verified by Bureau Veritas and includes KOMPAN play classics that have been converted from their original profile and made green. This means that you can create an entire playground in the original KOMPAN quality but with a much lower carbon emission footprint. 


Picture: A GreenLine playground in Randers, Denmark

How green is green?