Cross Training

The most popular fitness activity: flexible to fit all user groups and very effective

The basic exercises of Cross Training are the same regardless of the participant's age or fitness level. It focuses on scalable resistance to match the needs and abilities of all users by changing the load and intensity whilst the exercises remain the same. It is based on the established belief that the specific needs of athletes and seniors differ by degree, not kind.

KOMPAN’s product line, Cross Systems, won the 2017 Good Design Award in Australia and the European Product Design Award.

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Functional training systems are the most popular choice of today for outdoor fitness locations. This is mainly due to the popularity of activities such as Cross training, Bootcamp training, Calisthenics and Street workout, which all are supported by products within this group. All equipment is designed with scalable resistance, allowing everyone to train according to individual levels of fitness. The intensity can be determined by adjusting the body position to add more or less resistance or even opting for a light/medium/heavy weight. Highly functional equipment combined with a space ideal for group classes and social interaction is one of the keys to motivate more people to be active.

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