Outdoor Circuit Training Equipment

Fitness in Fresh Focus

Circuit Training is condensed and focused. It is a popular route to fitness in indoor gyms and now with KOMPAN expertise it is brought out into the open, with numerous advantages. This classic form of exercise combines resistance with aerobics, targeting all elements of upper body fitness. The designs are well-known from indoors, but KOMPAN has made it durable and safe to use in the outdoors.

The equipment is ideal for a complete circuit training session, where exercises are completed consecutively after a specific number of repetitions or amount of time. Products range from easy to the more advanced, adding the bonus of each user being able to set their routines to their own level through adjustable resistance. 


By sticking to the same routine and targets, Circuit Training offers one of the easiest ways to measure improvement in fitness levels. It is one of the most time-efficient way to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance. Progress is noted, especially since you can adjust the demand on your body by adjusting the same equipment.


How weather resistant is the equipment?

How weather resistant are you? The equipment will be there rain, hail or shine.

Do I need instruction on how to get the most out of the equipment?

All KOMPAN fitness areas have clear instruction of how to use them. In addition the KOMPAN Fitness App puts and keeps you on the right road to better health.

Does this equipment combine with other training gear?

Circuit Training sits comfortably with Cross-Training and Street Workout equipment. They each offer different possibilities and it is very much a question of how rounded you want the exercise ‘menu’ to be to meet everyone’s physical and health potential.


Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.


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