Wild Jungle

Wild Jungle

WOW: The Wild Robinia Jungle is designed in a nature look. The gentle, wooden look allows this solution to fit into and enhance any nature setting or even help bring nature into an urban environment. The jungle theme awakens children’s natural instinct to play, and soon you will find them swinging in the lianas, balancing on the stepping pods to escape the crocodile or going to hide in The Wizard’s Hideaway.

STAY: The versatile play options in the Wild Robinia Jungle keep children occupied for hours on end. The Wizard’s Hideaway and Jungle Dome encourage social play where children can interact and build friendships. The springers, swings, balancing pods and Jungle Dome encourage physical play with plenty of room to burn off energy.

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While the children play and have fun, their skillsets develop from the many different types of play; physical, social and cognitive. Without even knowing, the children train their sense of balance, their cross-coordination and social emotional skills. Many of the activities and the playground layout include children from 2 to 12 years and of all abilities.

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