Train and Play

WOW: This outdoor fitness solution will inspire all ages to play and train. It will trigger a natural desire to do activities where speed, agility¬ and stamina combine under the simple concept of playing. This active area is fun, challenging and its role is the broadest of all KOMPAN programmes – developing tomorrow’s adults.

STAY: Fitness is not wasted on the young, but they are the lucky ones who don’t yet know the concept of aching muscles. Today, more than ever, they need stimulation to get those muscles working! Here they will start on a playful way with exercises and gradually move on to a more structured way of fitness training.


For children, exercising means playing while being physical active. They improve their muscle strength when climbing on the Bloqx, develop a good balance when spinning in the Galaxy structure and train their core when skating on the Single Miram. Kids simply develop their physical skills and interest for fitness through play. The combination of play and fitness equipment allows children to live a healthy and active life throughout their whole childhood and become active adults.

Let’s play


We have more than 45 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.

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