Sports Centre

WOW: This outdoor fitness setup is the perfect extension of a sports centre. A mixture of nicely designed free weight systems for cross-training with the functional, designed Obstacle Course products. It offers familiar training known from indoor fitness where users can train with products like suspension trainers and kettlebells in a safe and vandalism-proof environment.


STAY: Everybody can participate at their own level due to the smart patented scalable exercise equipment. The obstacle course surrounding the cross-training area can be used independently or in combination with cross-training, adding a lot of value.


The fun factor is the element that gets people started over and over again. Do it together, do it with your children and let them experience that an active lifestyle is a fun lifestyle. In fact, once you introduce them to the courses, the onus will be on you to keep up.


Let’s play


We have more than 45 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.

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