Robinia Village

WOW: Far out in the jungle lies this newer-before-seen Robinia Village. The inhabitants of the village are descendants of the great Robinia tribe. The large two-tower play tower is the heart of the village, on which all children can play and practise their physical skills. The Robinia wood has the ability to blend in beautifully in any natural setting or help bring nature into urban areas.

STAY: Climbing, balancing, spinning, swinging, sliding. The activities just stand in line and wait to get conquered. Children can climb up the play tower and cross the net bridge from one tower to another. Before taking the slide or fireman’s pole down, the child can rest in a quiet nook and have a chat with a friend at the meeting point under the shading.


The Robinia Village combines physical and social play. The large play structures encourage the children to use their body and be active through climbing, sliding and balancing activities. In this, the child grows vital physical skills that are fundamental for learning. The children can meet on the platforms that suits their age and stage of development and interact with each other, ultimately forming friendships and great language and communication skills.

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