Preschool Favourite

Preschool Favourite

WOW: The preschool favourite comes in colours that appeal to and attract children in the pre-school age. The happy colours also make the playground a joyful place to be for the kindergarten teachers. The pre-school favourite fits any kindergarten or playground for the 3 to 6-year-olds.

STAY: The large structure holds many different physical challenges such as climbing, sliding, stair climbing and balancing across the bridge. The large Spacenet is full of climbing challenges and offers many different routes up and around the net. Furthermore, the playground offers spinning, rocking and swinging. The large play structure also holds a playhouse which provides a sacred place for social play.

Develop: Preschool Favourite


The play panels at the ground level of the large play structure develop sensory motor skills. The large variety of physical play stimulates both gross and fine motor skills. The playhouse and the shop at the ground level stimulate social and emotional skills as well as language development. And finally, the letters in the surfacing serve as stepping points and provide a platform for learning the alphabet.


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