Physical Challenge

WOW: Thrill is the key motivator for physical play, and to children the physical play theme is just thrilling. The high Elements structure encourages 360-degree play where children can challenge themselves and explore climbing on the outside of the structure before taking the fast slide down.


STAY: Thrilling play equipment is just pure fun, and the fun will keep children playing for hours. The children can bounce from one fun activity to the next and swing, spin and climb at their best ability. When the dizzying feeling from spinning has become too much, children can rest in the hammock under the tower and have chat with a friend.


Physical play is just pure good for children. They add to their physical health by being active and at the same time they grow vital physical skills like their sense of balance and spatial awareness. Climbing the tower and convincing yourself to climb the tower’s outside takes courage and grows the child’s self-esteem. Children need the dizzying input that comes from swinging and spinning as it helps the child’s nervous system to mature.


We have more than 45 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.

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