Kingdom and castle

WOW: The big Castle and the huge Spider’s web are something you notice from a distance. It gives children a wow feeling and invites them to come and play. The castle with the dragon, the horses and the spider’s web are all great promotors of dramatic play.

Stay: The Kingdom includes a wide variety of physical and social play activities, and children can go and find their own favourite. The dynamic play solutions encourage the children to be physical and experience the dizzying feeling from swinging and spinning. Two of children’s favourites, they can return to time and time again.


Dramatic play unfolding in the castle stimulates children’s imagination, social skills and language development.

The Kingdom consists of various educational activities like climbing, rocking, spinning, swinging and bouncing, which develops the children’s cross-coordination skills, sense of balance, body strength and stamina.

The pathways in gravel surrounding the area make the play accessible for strollers and wheelchairs, so everyone can join the fun.





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