Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

WOW: Fairy Tales is a fantasy world full of stories (The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling from the master of fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen). It invites children to use their imagination and play in the wonderlands of their imagination. With its playful and imaginative design, it can enhance any environment, e.g. parks, schoolyards, pre-schools, camping grounds or theme parks.

STAY:The fairy-tale figures and shapes associate to many different fantasy worlds. It opens up the children’s imagination to dramatic play, e.g. being the princess in the tower, the duckling in the water, a bird above the clouds or being the horse who drags the carriage to the castle. The play equipment is full of interactive play panels to explore and develop fine motor skills at the same time. When energy level gets low, a QR code under the swan takes the child to a digital world in which they can listen to stories or play games.

Develop: Fairy Tales


Physical play such as sliding, swinging, rocking, riding and spinning develops important physical skills like balance, coordination and strength. The many fairy tales in the playground stimulate children’s language development and social skills.

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