African Safari

African Safari

WOW: The African Safari theme includes a giraffe, an elephant, a gorilla, a zebra and a crocodile in the waterhole. The play structure with the tree house is a hideaway for the safari explorer after swinging in the lianas with the five-way swing and the cableway. The safari theme with its different play activities attracts children from 1 to 12 years old.

STAY: The many different kinds of physical play keep children playing; rocking, balancing, spinning, sliding, swinging and flying down the cableway. The safari theme also stimulates the imagination of the children to imagine that they are on the safari, a place where many things can happen, and this will keep the children playing over and over again. As they grow older and can take up more challenges, the playground can keep them stimulated as the challenges start from the age of 1 year and continue until the children are 12 years old.


DEVELOP: African Safari


The different animals in the playground stimulate the language development as it is possible to talk about such things as the different names of the animals and the different parts of the animals. There are rocking and sensory play for the youngest and in the other end of the age span, the cableway develops the speed, strength and stamina of the soon-to-be teenagers.

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