Active Destination Area

Active Destination Area

WOW: This is an action-packed area in which everyone can work on an active lifestyle. Like the indoor health centres, this outdoor gym has been divided into different areas, tailoring multiple exercise options. Like the high-end, all-inviting, circular Cross Training solution, it comes with a full range of cleverly designed cutting-edge equipment. Motivating users of all fitness levels to complete a full workout.


STAY: The Street Workout area will attract a younger audience, due to the inviting structures that encourage fun and challenging training. Next to the street workout, an elevated platform with 7 Sport Bikes has been created.

The perfect setup for an energising spinning class – one of the most popular indoor fitness classes. By elevating the participants, they can oversee both the instructor and the playground, giving parents the opportunity to keep an eye on their kids who can play for hours in the spacious playground.

Develop:  Active Destination Area


This area will bring the neighbourhood together by inviting everyone to be active and live a healthy lifestyle together.


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