Sensory Play: The why, how and what of sensory stimulating playgrounds

New research from KOMPAN Play Institute on the benefits of Sensory Play in playgrounds

“Play consists of adaptive responses which make sensory integration happen” – A. J. Ayres, 1979

 What is sensory play?

Have you ever wondered about the way our senses inform our language? When we understand or realize something, we see it. When we get emotional, we are touched and then we feel. Our whole being depends on sensory input and response to sensory input. Sensory play is all sorts of play as children’s play make use of all of their senses: Touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting. But to child researchers, sensory play includes two additional senses or systems. The science of sensory integration in child development count in the kinesthetic and the vestibular systems, which are crucial for moving our bodies confidently in our surroundings.

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