White paper

Climbing Clever

How novel movement patterns benefit brains

Climbing can make us clever. It is an essential and fun developmental activity for children to strengthen motor skills and muscles. But climbing also connects body and mind. Understand how in this white paper.

Download the white paper to get:

  • Understanding of link between motor skills and cognitive development

  • Description of popularity among different age and user groups

  • 5 Important features for climbing clever playground equipment

White paper

Climbing Clever

Download White Paper
5 important features

5 important features for climbing clever units

  1. Present age-appropriate novelty to the children, so that new ways of moving benefit working memory skills.

  2. Offer graduated challenges and multiple pathways to extend play and develop skills.

  3. Feature entry points and ground-level activities accessible for children of all abilities.

  4. Enable the movement and coordination of multiple body parts at once.

  5. Have meeting points and social spaces in the climbing equipment.

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