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Robinia Cableways

The king of fun, thrill and action

The queue for the cableway is always long! Whether you’re 4 or 12, the cableway is just great fun. Besides being fun, the cableway teaches children several important lessons and skills. When playing on the cableway, children are forced to acknowledge and interact with each other. They learn to wait their turn and hand over the seat to the next in line. KOMPAN’s double cableway encourages children to be social and have fun together. Besides being fun, the cableway also holds an aspect of competition. Learning to win and lose in a good manner are important skills for children to master.

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Деревня Robinia

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Замки Robinia

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Корабли Robinia

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Лазание Robinia

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Полоса Препятствий Robinia

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Балансирование Robinia

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Игровые Системы Robinia

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Игры с Песком и Водой Robinia

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Качели Robinia

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Пружинные Качалки Robinia

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Игровые Хижины и Домики

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Динамика Robinia

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Robinia Игра, Представление и Обучение

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Тематические Игры Robinia

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Навесы и Мебель Robinia

Robinia Cableways

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Натуральная Твердая Древесина

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Игровые Скульптуры Robinia

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