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Saint-Médard En Jalle

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Jump on the train at Saint-Médard Station!

The old Saint-Médard-en-Jalles station opened in 1886 and has just received its first new train in over 40 years. The city of Saint-Médard wanted to transform the space into something fun and useful for the community, but still fit into the history.

They ended up with multigenerational activities made up of three play areas for children, and sports facilities for adults. The centerpiece is a 7-metre-long train full of fun activities such as a rope tunnel, a firefighter pole, and control panels with handling elements.

KDSR FR Robinia train 6
The installation of the play train refers to the historical past of the city, at the time of the industrial revolution and the construction of major infrastructures.
KDSR FR Robinia train 2
KDSR-FR-Robinia-train with-children
KDSR FR Robinia train 3
KDSR-FR-Robinia-train-wagon with-children
KDSR FR Robinia train 5
KDSR FR Robinia train 1
KDSR FR Robinia train

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