Playground Equipment that is fun and built to last

KOMPAN offer both timeless classics and out of this world innovation so you can choose a unique solution (big or small) that will keep kids of all ages and abilities occupied, excited and stimulated.

With lifetime warranty on many structural elements you can make sure your investment is built to last. Over 40 years experience delivering fun and engaging playgrounds to a broad range of sectors.


Every day for more than 45 years, we’ve thought of how we can make the ultimate experience with rope playgrounds.

Explore our latest Corocord catalogue which includes even more rope play options than before, customisable options, prices and inspirational playgrounds from around the world. Fill out the form, and we will send you the catalogue straight to your inbox. 

Plus each solution can be customisable, choose from a wide selection of rope colours, shapes, sizes and play themes!

The best part? With ropes, any shape, colour, size and play theme is possible.

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