Urban climbing

Durable playgrounds of steel and plastic are perfect for the urban environment. Our climbing structures and urban climbing solutions look amazing and have transparent design. Urban climbing structures promotes activity and help build upper body and core strength.
BLOQX™ are boulder-like, outdoor climbing equipment for urban areas. This particular playground equipment can be combined with other skill development such as math solving or working in teams. 
GALAXY™ and ICON™ blasts children into challenging, adventurous play experiences that require route planning and complex movements - stretching children's imagination and abilities beyond anything previously known in playground equipment. 

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Kids like to be positively motivated for play both physically and cognitively. Therefore, the urban climbing solutions are designed to widen the kids’ physical comfort zones and support their strength and coordination. Games with rules are immensely popular with children above the age of 6 years. They add to their understanding of turn-taking, cooperation and positive competition.

The play invitation of ICON is based on the physical, social and cognitive-creative play motivators of 8-15-year old’s.

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