Pirateships and Castles

Get ready for action and adventures fit for pirates, queens and kings! KOMPANs pirateships and castles are packed with fun on all levels, sourcing hours of imaginative and physical play.

Explore the castle’s dungeons, prison cells and caves – or take a risk and swing from the ramparts to defend your castle against the enemy. Climb the giant spider web in the cavern below the massive keep or sign up for guard duty as you patrol the ramparts keeping an eye out for Robin Hood and his band of rogues.

Built on a rock-solid structure and loaded with play, KOMPANs pirate ships are fit to set sails for the Seven Seas. The ships are equipped with many adventurous activities both above and below deck. Below deck and accessible to the generally younger child you’ll find numerous activities that allow children to pass time while confined to the brig – or searching for treasure below the surface of the sea or in the cargo hold.

Above deck, children can swing from the deck with all the rush and excitement provided by our track-ride or have them scale the ropes to take our exhilarating more than 6-meter-long steel slide.

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