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Welcome to ICON™, the most advanced playground we’ve ever built and the future of playgrounds around the world. By combining exciting electronic games and healthy outdoor play, ICON gives children and teens the best of both worlds. The idea behind ICON™ is to take the appeal of electronic games and bring it outside, where children can benefit from a healthier, richer lifestyle. The health, educational and social benefits that outdoor playgrounds provide are significant. Add these to modern children's affinity for electronic gaming and you have nothing short of the world’s most compelling outdoor playground equipment.

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Enhance strength through power and balance. The various Nova games require speed, agility and defence skills. The Nova challenges balance and muscle power and requires effective coordination. The Nova can be played alone or in teams.



Throw your weight around. Be prepared for an exhilerating experience. The ROCKY provides both forceful and finally tuned games. The user influences the games by the direction and weight in which they place their body. The bigger the movement the bigger the returned reaction from the ROCKY.


Hit the Node to win. Flashing game nodes are placed at strategic positions around the structure; hit the lighted nodes to win. The Space requires, teamwork, agility and alertness.



Take control and perform the fastest spins. Playing is performing. Swirl is about rotation, climbing and gaming for kids at all levels and abilities. Rotation and climbing are key elements of Swirl‘s different games. The trick is to control the spinner and not be controlled by it. This calls for


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