Arctic GIANT

Arctic GIANT

Explore the mountains, search for fossils and animals and investigate the ice caves – the Arctic is a playground for true explorers. With several access and egress points varying in difficulty and height, school-age children are stimulated and challenged repeatedly. The internal transparent climbing wall amplifies the thrill of reaching the top, where the experience and rush of climbing a mountain is mimicked. The plank bridge takes you from the Arctic landscape to the polar research station, where the quest for fossils, valuable minerals or precious metals can begin.

Final designs and data depend on regional safety standards.


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Product number: 
Age group: 
Dimensions LxWxH: 
1041 x 1286 x 891 cm

Max. fall height:
296.00 cm
Safety surfacing area:
146.80 m2
Numbers of installers:
Anchoring options:
Side drawing
Plan drawing
Product Rendering 1


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