GIANTS Inspirational Concepts

The beauty of the GIANTS range is not just in sheer size, but in its enormous flexibility. The themes already available represent a broad collection of designs, from jungle to artic, from farm to ocean, from cowboy to astronaut, and all of them highly adaptable. They are concepts, completed and available, yet they are still only a starting point.

KOMPAN’s designers hold the GIANTS formula, it’s DNA, the nine-metre tower and its smaller twin, the curved chutes, the bridge and net climbing ropes, but they want to stretch their talents by delivering exactly what you want. Your GIANT may complement your town, your organisation or business. The GIANTS are silent, but roar through the happiness of the children.

It is a new chapter in play and a story that will run and run. It is a story where imagination knows no bounds. It is a story that starts here. Your story.

Jungle GIANT


Look out from beneath the waterfall, run from the tiger, or climb to  the top of the trees.

For every child, the jungle is an adventure waiting to happen. Playing here will inspire dramatic play, communication and physical activity.

The straight tube slide is a rush thanks to the high-speed ride. The


Arctic GIANT


Explore the mountains, search for fossils and animals and investigate the ice caves – the Arctic is a playground for true explorers.

With several access and egress points varying in difficulty and height, school-age children are stimulated and challenged repeatedly.

The internal transparent




The Space GIANT stands as a true monument with a height of more than nine metres.

The illustrations give the feeling of exploring space, finding planets or controlling the spaceship.

The internal criss-cross climber not only develops motor skills, but also supports social interaction and turn


Minshan Mountains GIANT


The garden house with its vivid red colours and pink cherry blossoms stands in beautiful contrast to the green and luxuriant nature.

With several points of access and multiple egresses varying in height and speed, Minshan will challenge and inspire children through play.

Just like the pandas


Pioneer GIANT


The Pioneer is an exciting combination of high-intensity physical activity and dramatic play.

Different routes, changes in heights, and variations in egresses and accesses, serve as a great place for a game of tag.

Discover the iconic landscape of the Wild West, dig for gold in the mine or be the




The Farm sparks dramatic play and social interaction for children from the age of two years.

Multiple physical play activities stimulate and develop children’s motor skills and strength.

The Barn depicts chicken, hay, a pitchfork, and interactive play panels motivate social play and logical


The above GIANTS Inspirational Concepts from KOMPAN Design Studio are pure inspiration, but can serve as a starting point for your specific play landmark. Our skilled designer team at KOMPAN Design Studio can take any idea or concept and create an architectural gem for you.