Scaffolding the youngest with responsive play solutions

Physical play is essential in scaffolding child development. New ELEMENTS™ Toddlers series provides a safe world of scaffolding play activities for the youngest. The new responsive play activities stimulate the child’s motor skills and gently push and motivate toddlers to explore and learn through play. And when growing confident in their motor skills, children become resilient and self-confident, allowing them to more easily engage in play and interact with friends. Playing on the ELEMENTS™ Toddlers series will help toddlers develop skills to become ready for kindergarten, school and life.

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The Voyager with its round shapes and bright colors is immensely attractive for young children. Once there, the richness of age-appropriate activities sustains the playing and encourages them to return. The Voyager's three levels offer layers of play from ground level and up to the elevated...


Wow! The Walker is the perfect play structure for active toddlers. Children will play and develop in all areas, which will lead to longer playtimes. Physical development will be enhanced by sliding and crawling, which strengthens muscles and builds important coordination skills. These experiences...

Wow! The Inventor is a fantastic play structure to support active toddlers. With challenging play on all sides, longer playtimes will be supported. Physical development will be enhanced by climbing, sliding, and gliding. These all strengthen muscles and build important coordination skills. The...


The Tumbler is a spacious, truly varied play structure which attracts young children immensely. It offers multiple potential layers of play activities to investigate. This attracts the toddlers back again and again. The bouncy activities with rubber membranes are fun, training the children's sense...

The Globetrotter offers an irresistible play journey for younger children. Thanks to the rich variation in activities, the children have new discoveries to make, time after time. The wide selection of intriguing sensory and responsive activities stimulate the child's thinking skills. Sand scoops,...


The Pioneer is an inclusive play journey that makes children go wow. Thanks to the rich variation of play activities, children will come back again and again. A ramp leads through varied tactile play events to a vast platform with two slides. This allows for access to an elevated level. From the...



Wow! The Traveler is a fantastic structure that will inspire play for toddlers, and support longer playtimes. Physical development will be enhanced by sliding and moving around and within the structure, strengthening muscles and coordination skills. These experiences are enhanced by a design which



The Adventurer with its whimsical look and vast variety of play activities is hugely attractive to infants and toddlers. They will return again and again, thanks to the adventurous nature of the many play events. Bouncy and sturdy climbs, crawling in the tunnels and the responsive membrane bridge...

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