Robinia Sand & Water Play

Hands on, very hands on 

Sand and water play introduces a new level of playground activity – something unpredictable, something open to interpretation and invention. Best of all, it is hands on, very hands on. The sensory feeling of sand and water running through fingers is a natural draw. It brings children together to observe, contribute and learn. It is a starting point in setting goals and the problem solving involved in attaining them.

It is also an introduction into basic mechanics and physics, the excavator that lifts and swivels, the crane that grabs, the channels that transport water, the ways of getting sand to mould into shapes. Shapes that constantly change and then revert to their original state, an endless play option. The only thing that remains, the considerable development process in the child’s ability to communicate, to think freely, be creative and to enjoy the feeling of personal achievement.

Robinia Sand & Water features are based around a number of themed structures. They all share one common characteristic, they are slightly raised to let the sand dominate, to let the water take its natural course. There is huge scope for add-on complimentary features such as sand desks, water channels and excavators, taps, splash tables and there’s even an open Oasis Sand Boat. It is the one playground where children will want to bring their own toys, buckets and spades.

The Robinia tree itself is a triumph of nature. As a tree, at every level it performs. It grows in poor soils, it feeds nitrogen into the earth encouraging other plants, it flowers to be the source of Acadia honey, its leaves breathe out Co2. It adapts well in urban areas, gracing many boulevards and streets. When cut as timber, the stump regenerates and grows back quickly. It is highly sustainable. The timber is fine-grained, strong and resilient; it naturally repels fungi and bugs - the perfect material for long-lasting play features. 

How do we get started? 

Finding the right products from the extensive range is the starting point. Our very competent and experienced support team can then help you translate your wish list into your unique outdoor solution. Feel free to contact us and ask all your questions, or to receive a quote. 

What preservation does the wood need?

Robinia, as a tight-grained hardwood, has a natural quality that resists rot and pests. KOMPAN Robinia, from the day of installation, has an industry-leading 15-year warranty. (Warranty is ten years in the USA)

Can you keep the sand clean?

Sand is kept clean by frequent visual inspection and the removal of trash and any animal excretion. If the sand is very polluted is can either be replaced by new sand or cleaned by special machinery.

How is safety of the sand crane secured?

KOMPAN designed the sand crane according all global playground safety standards. Due to the triangle chain route design where one chain is running on the back side of a panel it is impossible to cross the chains and any turned position of the crane.

Need advice?

We have more than 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.


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