Two towers h=200 cm

The Two Towers with Bridge has lots of climb and glide variations, so children will want to try it out again and again. They will train their cardio and muscles as they loop the slide and the varied climb access points. The inclined net access is a fun challenge which trains the child's proprioception: the awareness of where the body parts are in space an how much force and distance it takes to move securely. The rope ladders are even more challenging with their swaying vertical steps. The bridge trains sense of balance, the fundamental motor skill that make children confident when moving and is important for the ability to sit still and concentrate. On the platforms and the bridge, children socialise and learn how to take turns. The banister bars offer a thrilling way down, training the sense of space and the proprioception.

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Product number: NRO2002

Category: Robinia Play Systems

Product Type: Nature Play



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