Percussion Music Panel

The Robinia Percussion Music Panel is an immense play invitation for children: the variation in drumming sounds and the tonal response to movements attract children again and again. The drums can be played alone or together. There is room for many users around the differently textured and sounding drums. This encourages social interaction and co-creation when drumming rhythms and singing along. It also stimulates cognition and creativity as children create rules and rhythms together or individually. The percussion drum additionally has different sounding divisions. For older children and adults this creates variations in tonality and sound patterns. Drumming and creating rhythms on the drums stimulate the child's ability to understand cause and effect and leave a mark on the play, both important for cognitive as well as creative skills.

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Product number: NRO602

Art: Robinia Play, Act and Learn

Series: Nature Play

1 - 8


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