Agility Trail 8

The Agility Trail 8 is a challenge that all 6-12 year olds will want to take on. The variation in climbing, crawling, balancing and meeting activities will make children come back again and again. The combination of overhead and balance activities, swaying nets and ropes offer great play challenges. Climbing or crawling up, down and through the Agility Trail 8 stimulates agility, balance and coordination. These motor skills are necessary to managing the world securely and achieving physical confidence. The swaying seat points and the horizontal beams are great for meeting and exchanging. The many ropes and their bouncy character make them a constant balance and muscle trainer, even when seated. When climbing through the Agility Trail 8 children train their cooperation, negotiation and turn-taking skills.

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Product number: NRO867

Category: Robinia Obstacle courses

Product Type: Nature Play



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