Swing Seats

A swing seat for every need and ability

KOMPAN offers a wide assortment of swing seats suited for playground swings.

Whether it’s for a baby on a Baby Seat, a toddler on the self-starter Toddler Seat or for (pre)teens on the Shell Nest Seat or Rope Nest Seat, KOMPAN’s assortment of swing seats offer a swinging experience for everyone. Adults and children can even share the experience together on a KOMPAN You & Me Seat.

Swinging is an all-time playground favourite: children love swinging, individually as well as together. Swinging is pure thrill and joy, being swung up and down, using all the body to increase the speed, or to slow down. A swing is a great playground piece to play on, for all ages, at all times.


What kind and type of swing seat should you choose?

The KOMPAN standard Swing Seat is shaped with a slight curve in the middle to facilitate the secure seat position of a wide age span. 

The sturdy Baby Seat is an irresistible invitation for infants and their care givers. The swing seat supports the seated infant all around so that the feeling of security is guaranteed, and the rubber seat is placed at a good height for the infant to be at eye level with other children. 

The classic Cradle Seat has several benefits: firstly, the swing seat supports the seated infant all around so that the feeling of security is guaranteed. Secondly, the swinging motion trains the child’s motor skills, specifically the sense of balance and space.

The Toddler Seat is a truly unique swing invention that makes it possible for toddlers to swing before they fully master the cross-coordination skills that conventional swinging takes. When seated, the toddler can push and pull the front chains and thus set the seat in motion. 

The shallow, smooth Shell Nest Seat is a hugely inviting play activity, with soft bumpers making this a very comfortable swing seat, easy and pleasant to push and use. 

The Rope Nest Seat is a fun swing seat. With holes in the surface that provide an extra support for holding tight and the basket with room for more children inviting rough-and-tumble play.  

The You & Me Seat invites a try. After having tried it, parents and toddlers will come back again and again. The height of the seats is such that adult and child can be at eye level when swinging

The Duo Swing Seat adds to the joy of swinging by making it possible to swing in eye height with your best friend. The sturdy handholds add the possibility of vigorous swinging movements.


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